Dear Simone, I felt that I just had to write a few words of thanks to you for all your help. From the time that you collected me at the airport until my very early morning return to Spain you made my stay both interesting and enjoyable. „Karla” was exactly as portrayed and it was love at first sight! The best decision I could have made for her was to leave her with you in Germany to grow up strong, healthy and happy in the filly herd. Since her arrival in Spain she has given me nothing but joy. She has a perfect temperament, learns her dressage unbelievably quickly, enjoys her work and always wants to please. The highlight of my day is watching her training as she moves elegantly, lightly with cadence and elevation around the manège. She is, quite simply, a pleasure to own.

Thank you again for this lovely mare

Helen Morgan
Alicante, Spain
(Besitzerin von Karla Kolumna)